line for 7126 TCX

hello everyone, i was just thinking with summer round the corner, what scandi line (or other line for summer steelheading) do you put on your TCX? i was thinking of something in the ballpark of 510 grains or 530grains... any suggestions?
Interesting you should ask. I just bought that rod and took it to the Sandy Clave. I had no idea what line to use so I asked the Sage Rep. He said a Scandi 525 and handed his demo rod to me all lined up. I couldn't cast it for crap. A friend was standing next to me with another rod/reel combination and said, "Here try this line." We switched reels and the first cast went about 80 feet until it ran out of line. I pulled out more, same thing, and again, same thing. The line was an Airflo 540 gr. switch head, 19.5 feet long and the running line was mono slick shooter. Needless to say, I now own that line and a spool of Vervas mono as a running line. I just have to re-line my reel and let it rip. Oh, it also had an intermediate clear tip on the end. I bought one of those and will set up my rod just like the other.

I spoke with several other guys while there and they pretty much echoed what I was able to figure out. Everybody has to find their own combination to make it work but when you do, you'll know right away.
The 7/8 Rio Unispey versi tip has become my favorite line for that rod. I also use the 510 gr steelhead scandi which works very well.
Steve: first up, thank you for your input. the airflo Skagit switch is an awesome line for the TCX.. The 510 or the 540 Skagit switch is money. for Rio, its 525 or 575 skagit short and i've got the 575. it just bombs and at the same time is able to turn over tips like 10' T-17 or 13' T-14. i was looking at a set up for summer fishing because i dont see myself using a skagit line in summer to turn over small flies and long leaders.

John: thanks for your input! i've got the 510 steelhead scandi but it feels a little light on my TCX... is this a natural feeling? it could feel light because i'm used to casting skagit lines on that rod and hence the question.
You probably just need to get used to the lighter scandi line. When I first switched from casting skagits to the touch and go casts with the scandi it didn't really feel like any thing was on the rod but now I am actually thinking about dropping down to the 480. Also when I first bought that rod I had a 540 gr steel head scandi laying around that I tried using but it did not work very well at all for touch and go casts.
We have three Sage 7126 TCX rods in my local group of friends.

Scandi lines are 510gr Airflo or Rio.

Skagit lines are 525 or 550 Rio Skagit Flight, distance or payload is the difference.

Great rod with nice smooth action.



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Anyone have any thoughts here? I've put in a lot of effort with the 540 switch line and I just dont like it. I don't like how short the head is.

Any other ideas for chucking heavy winter flies and tips?
I run that same line and love it. You just need to back off the gas and keep a steady fluid motion. Easy does it.... I find pokes and doubles to be best snap t is a little clunky. No matter what cast keep your hands in the box and stay compact.

Compact skagit 540-570 grains might suit you better. I also run a 480 rage and a 510 intermediate skagit and love em all. Great rod...
Jesse- I have this rod and the Rio Skagit Flight Fred mentions is great for heavy tips and dead chickens. I personally prefer the 525 grain version as a good compromise between crispness, line speed and turnover.

If you like to feel the rod load and enjoy slower D-loop strokes, the 550 or even 575 grain skagit might be right for you... heck in Skagit Master 2 Scott was throwing a 600 on this rod!

Try a few full-length skagits and you'll have no problem turning over big flies this winter.
I have several lines including a 460 AFS and a 525 short belly (52' head) as well as a couple of others. I switch them around. I found that the short switch line needs a tip or the entire head is out of the water on the set-up, at least for me. I use a 15' poly tip with it and it casts well that way.