Couple teaser photos of my next project.


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11' #8 Switch

It's finished! Scroll down to see more pics, and please comment what you think! This was my second rod i've ever built!

Rob Ast

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Why would you need a winding check between the seat and the lower handle? When you are piecing it together put the lower handle on first, then put on the tape/arbor/mesh you are using for the reel seat and place that, then ream out the upper handle and slide it on. Just like there is no winding check between the top grip and the reel seat, you don't need anything between the lower handle and the reel seat.
Its 100% preference on the winding check. Its amazing how many shades of stainless there are so best bet to find one would be to contact the manufacture or Pac bay in this case and ask them what trim ring matches it. In most cases they will ship you one or give you a number to order. Looks good so far!!! looking forward to the finish pictures
11' #8 Switch
I haven't decided snakes or stripper guides color yet, but maybe TiCH will be my choise ;)

Hey, does anyone know where I could find winding check or similar to between reel seat and lower handle? That seems like it would need one..

Try Mudhole, they have a good selection of what you are looking for


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It's too purty to just leave this one in the rack and find yourself a good, used scratch n' dent as your everyday cannon ;)

Nice job and very cool photo's! There is something about fishing your own custom built rods that you just cannot get at the car lots.