video at night

What kind of light do I need for taking video at night? I posted a question in the main forum, "Best headlamp for fishing". But after all the great suggestions, it left me with more questions.

What I'm looking for is a headlamp to have while videoing my fish when I land it. Not the whole catching part - as that would take a Sherpa to carry the battery pack. I just want a headlamp that will be bright enough/good light (red?) for when the fish is landed.

Should I be looking for more luminaries, or a type of luminarie? White light, or red? I'm so dang confused :confused: . Anyone with knowledge, please share...


Dave Hartman

Strip'n Flywear
I don't think a headlamp will work, unless you can find a very bright one that casts a large field of even light. What I tried last year in fishing for muskies at night (no fish, no video) was a Coleman lantern that kinda worked as a large flashlight. It had little kickstands built into it so it could be positioned on the floor of the boat. I think it was $10 at Walmart.
Also, just because no matter what you shoot at night, especially with cameras with small sensors, it isn't going to look too hot, especially hero-shots or grip and grins. I'd focus more on putting the fish's face close to the light source and get the camera in there real tight.
Good luck!
Oh man.... I was afraid of that. :mad: I've done some "tests" at home, with different lights, but the results have pretty much been as you said. The thing is, (although it's a good suggestion) I don't want to have to carry in a lantern to where I have to hike in 3 to 4 miles in where I'm fishing...

The reason I asked about a headlamp, is because I know they've come a long ways, since I bought one for back-packing in the early 90's. I "hear" of this red light, and wonder if it will make a difference. <- me, I don't know, because I don't have one. And I'm too cheap to just go buy one to test it out :p.

Thanks for the feedback though Dave, I appreciate it.

Dave Hartman

Strip'n Flywear
Just as I reread this, I'm not sure I stand by what I said. Maybe a decent headlamp would work for close-up shots. If you were to put your camera on the ground right next to the water, and put the fish's head and shoulders right in front of the lens, with the light shining on the fish, it might work. Two headlamps, one from above and maybe one from ground level might be better.
As for red lamps, they're not gonna do for you what you're hoping, you want as close to full spectrum as you can get. But they are great for preparing the shot in the dark as they don't mess with your night vision. I highly recommend using red light for night fishing, just not for shooting.
Well, for what it's worth. I needed a new head lamp anyway, didn't want to spend much, so I bought the Coleman Max. It has blue, red and white light, and the white light has three settings - the highest being 108 lumens. As it turns out, on the highest setting, I can actually record the entire area when I'm landing a fish. I just have to make sure that my head cam is not pointed at the center of the spot light, so it doesn't washout the video.

Thanks for you input Dave. If I ever figure out how to transfer Picasa to a video clip I can post, I'll do it. It's been 2yrs now, so don't hold your breath. :p

I am such a retread when it comes to that kind of stuff. Hey I know,... I'll get one of my kids to figure it out! Heck, my 3 yr old can long on the computer, log on to the internet, and download games to play. Sigh, pretty sad I know.