Okanogon Area report 5/26-5/29


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We camped at the Conconullly state park and made day trips to the lakes.
We hit blue in the Sin around 12 pm on Sat. It was windy so we fished the S. bowl. It was slow for us with my girlfriend taking 6 to hand on intermediate line. I caught 2 in the deep water including a 17in brown and two on intermediate line along the edges. Three guys I met there last year were killing them fishing nymphs under an indicator and then again fishing at night.
A late nigh dinner and some hard drinking around the campfire, made for a late start on Sun, so off to green lake we went. Green is C/R only during the summer and spring. No one on the lake except one other guy, a young local kid. It was windy when we arrived but was fish able for the most part. I fished sinking along side of my GF fishing intermediate. No hits for me, but there were some fish rising, so I left her and headed to the N. end of the lake to fish dries. Caught 4 on dries and missed a few more before the wind made it too hard to fish. My GF caught 2 and decided to take a break to wait out the wind that never died much at all.
Mon she wanted to try Chopaka. We should have thought more about this as the wind forecast at the park was for 8-13mph. It was all of that and then some when we arrived. I wanted to take her to the S. end so she could fish dries, but on the way there the wind really picked up and we could not fish there We both picked up a fish on the way there and headed for the less windy side near the camp sites. I tried dried for awhile with no hits and she never caught a fish on the intermediate line. We came in and drank a beer and decided to fish the S end of blue again.I felt really bad for her because I knew we could have picked some nice fish in the deeper water if we could have fished it. I had done well there the weekend before. Blue was windy to and she decided to not fish. I decide to give it a try any ways. Soon after I got on the water it calmed down a bit and the same 3 guys were on the water and doing well. I started to catch fish but it was late and I could not lure my GF to come out with me. I fished my intermediate line and after a few fly changes, the green Willie did the trick. I was getting lots of hit and 3 to hand before I came in. I didn't want my GF to get eaten alive by the mosquito's. One fish, a 17 bow was killed to appease the Chopaks wind gods and serve as Mondays dinner.
On Tues we decided to fish buzzard lake on the way home. There were 3 guys from Whenatchee fishing there when we arrived to guess what, more wind and much cooler conditions. After some bickering we decided to give it a try. Fished for about two hrs with three to hand each plus multiple hits.
All in all a slow weekend for me. My GF was very happy with her results as we never got skunked at any of the lake we fished. I really wanted to get her into a double digit big fish day but the wind made that hard if not impossible to do.

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Damn wind. Ya can handle about any weather on the water but the wind can certainly ruin a day.

You put on some miles and sounds like you did about as well as you could with the conditions.

Thanks for the report.