My first steelhead!


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yeah just like fighting a fish for five min and it jumping multiple time is doing less than 3 secs out of the water for a picture..........
The law was probably put in place to save the fish from people who insist on having 15 hero pictures taken over the course of 10 minutes with the fish out of the water.

The only way to stop that was saying.... ok.... no more out of the water. Enjoy it while you can. Pretty soon, no smiling in pictures.


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anytime you see a wild Steelhead on the Stilly give thanks. after all that river has been through.
poor river has taken more sediment load than the Toutle . At least according to the figures i last read.
way to go.
Nice job! What a gorgeous native steelie. That is a prized little gem you were graced by for sure.
Just try to pick up a 3wt weight now and go hike/fish for some small trout on a small stream....nada, don't think that will happen for a while. ;)