8' 5wt for cutthroat: advice for shooting head


I recently "inherited" an Albright Yellowstone 8' 5wt 2 piece fly fishing rod. It could be a good opportunity to try fly fishing on the Sound from the beach, targetting cutthroat. It's never been used, but it seems it was the cheapest model they sold when it was manufactured. Probably IM6 graphite. That's all I've found about it.
From what I've read, it seems a 5wt could do the trick - though on the light side - if combined with an intermediate shooting head and not too heavy flies...
I had a look at the Rio Outbound short - pretty expensive - , but they seem to really make their lines much heavier than the AFTMA standard (I checked on a chart). Given the rod is not high end and probably not so fast, I'm afraid he Outbound 5 would completely overload it...
What do you think?
Thanks in advance


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You might want to consider just getting a sink tip with a clear head. It would likely be way more fun to fish on your rod the an OB short.
That line is designed to load fast modern rods. The 5wt will probably be too heavy for your IM6 rod.

Is this your first fly rod? If it is you might want to just start out with an inexpensive line like an Scientific Anglers Aircel or something else cheap but good. You really should learn the basic casts first. Double hauling and shooting line can be a little tricky at best or downright difficult if you're like me and don't have the greatest hand-eye coordination.

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You might want to consider just getting a sink tip with a clear head. It would likely be way more fun to fish on your rod the an OB short.
I 100% agree with Stonefish. Another possibility is the sink tip, but maybe in a Type 3 tip in lieu of the clear/intermediate head. Either one of these lines are very versatile. The Type 3 would work well in lakes and in rivers, too; it's a very versatile combo.
Thanks for your answers.
Patrick, yes this is my first fly rod, but I practised a little in the past with a friend on small streams, for trout. Not much though, and certainly not the double haul. I'm completely new to beach fishing.
I was also considering a Scientific Anglers Mastery series Headstart which has some pretty good reviews. It only comes in floating though... Maybe with a sinking polyleader?
Stonefish and Denny, when you say sinktip, you mean only a portion of the head sinks, like a few feet, or the whole head? Would you recommend a particular series? I'd like to find a good quality line but that doesn't cost an arm and a leg - the Outbound seems definitely too difficult to use and is expensive.


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Just the first 10' sink. The running line will float.
SA makes a Professional series 10' type III sink tip for around $40.00. Cortland makes a Precision series with a clear tip for around $70.00. Years ago all I used for cutts was a Cortland 444 sink tip which worked fine.
If you are located near some flyshops, I'd suggest going by and seeing what they have to offer.
The Professional series 10' type III sink tip would be right within my budget +++
What about the full sink lines though? Some of them are pretty affordable too. Are they more difficult to fish because of the sinking head and running line?
You might also want to take a little trip over to the Orvis store in Bellevue. They have some lines on closeout, and better yet they really know beach fishing and host frequent seminars on SRC fishing.
I got the Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Streamer Express WF5-6 (150 grains) Clear Tip, and it casts great! No need to double haul, which is a relief. Very manageable.