(NFR) Sea Shep(herd) is asking for volunteers.


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So the sea shep-herd outfit, is asking for volunteers for their new campaign to stop the needless harrassement and killing of sea lions at bonneville dam. whos going?

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After a while you get tired of all the goody two shoes. Somebody ought to go out there and sink their boat. The only good sea lion is a dead sea lion. Nuff said.


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Reminds me of all the time myself and other TU members spent down at the Ballard Locks in the 90's; when all the Hershey the Sea Lion rage was going on. I went down in support of the steelhead, but then I saw the light and came to the understanding that sea lions have rights to the fish stocks; whether in open water or a man-made sushi bar. Do you suppose they have a preference for hatchery or wild?