7wt BVK line recomendation

Ben Swaner

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My BVK needs a new line and I have been looking at shooting heads and others like the Wulff Ambush. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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I've got no experience with the Wulff, but I really like "standard" weight lines like the Rio Gold on the BVK Rods.
I have a 6 wt BVK that I have a SA full sink type 6 on and it throws great. I also run a RIO Gold which loads up better as it one half size heavier.

Hope this helps.
Hi Guys,

Not to highjack the post, but I am interested hearing the action of the BVK rods.
I own Sage LL/RPL/RP and Scott G2, how would you best describe the action of
these rods? Do they change significantly say 5wt down, 6wt up? There may be
more room in my quiver in the future.

Thanks in advance! Fish on!