8-2 Report

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Dale Dennis, Jul 7, 2008.

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    Saturday – On the water at 5am with an incoming high at 6:20. With 3 rods fishing we were into the cutts immediately casting within 6 to 20’ from the beach (from a boat). Most successful patterns were the 2 ½” Flat Wing Sandlance that accounted for at least 10 of the 14 cutts to the boat. With the tide beginning to run hard (outgoing) switched to a floating sandlance that accounted for two more; off the water by 10am, size range 12” – 16”.

    Sunday – On the water at 5am with an incoming high at 7:20. With 2 rods fishing 10 to the boat, on this day the cutts wanted 2” Clouser Minnows in red/white or chartreuse/white these accounted for 7 with 3 to the Flat Wing Sandlance; off the water by 10am, size range 10” – 15”.

    As for presentation we used both a full uniform sink and a SA streamer express (intermediate clear tip) during low tidal movement most effective presentation was a very fast retrieve. When the tide began running hard, swinging the fly with very little retrieve worked well.

    Note: This year the cutts appear to be very healthy and none of them had any indication of sea lice. My theory to the decline in lice is due to the heavy spring runoff this year which may have diluted the sound and kept them at bay.
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    Looked like a nice weekend. Sucks for me I dont have access to a boat so I dont get huge numbers of cutts to hand.