FS 8 FT Fly Fishing Pram

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Jeff Dodd

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I have watched Nick's posts for a long time. Can't wait to meet him in person. Bottom line is "sold pending funds". :)
Wait until you arrive at Wanacutt and the other members learn you sold a PLFF boat! ;-)

Congratulations Nick on the new boat. It should have exceptional fishing powers at Teal!
Thanks guys! I am super stoked about this little baby. Gonna meet up Wed evening. It will be perfect for my needs, and she sure is purdy! I didn't see this post till yesterday afternoon because I was out in La Push bottom fishing all weekend. When I saw this morning that it was still available I immediately texted my wife and explained... her response? "You have gone six weeks without a smoke, you deserve a treat". Boy do I have a great wife!

FF, I promise I will take good care of it and it will see plenty of use. And its only gonna go a few miles away anyway, so you're welcome to come visit her anytime ;)

If all goes well this will be my solo boat when I don't want to mess with the bigger one, and will be a dream on Teal, until my son is old enough to start going out in his own boat at which time it will become his.

Looking forward to meeting you, FF
I was thinking real seriously about this nice little boat, but I'm glad you got it Nick. Excellent reward for your healthy decision. Let me know if you bring to to Lone, I'd like to check it out.
Picked it up tonight and I've gotta say this thing is even cooler than I expected! The pedestal seat spins freely and is super comfy. It's plenty roomy, with little to snag a fly rod, and it's super deep! I am looking forward to getting it wet this weekend.

Dick, it was a pleasure to meet you! Hope to run into you on Teal some time
Glad that you are happy with the pram. You will love fishing out of it. It was great to finally meet you. Tight Lines! Also, I forgot to congratulate you for quitting that nasty smoking habit. Keep up the good work.


Indi "Ira" Jones
You ended up with this? Sweet, now I know I'll see it first hand. Now for the important question, how well does it honestly fit 5 fully rigged fly rods? You know you're going to hit one of those tip ends with a back cast and be careful falling backwards ;) Although we are even there aren't we!
Yes indeed I just couldn't pass up this little beauty. Took it out for a few hour maiden voyage today. What a sweet boat!! It rows great, has plenty of room, and is plenty stable. The pedestal seat is very comfy and the totally open floor is really nice. The floor is covered with a non skid type coating that is nice for keeping things from sliding around. I really need to pick up a trolling motor and a pulley for the aft anchor.

The beach wheels are soooooo sweet. I just rolled it and all my gear right down to the lake and back simple as can be. Ira you'll definitely be seeing this boat. Not sure about 5 rods yet, I only brought two this afternoon, but I'm sure ill find out tomorrow ;)

Oh, I got so many compliments on this boat, and one gent I met today knew the original builder and told me it's life story. Very cool 2013-05-25_13-20-30_782.jpg

Jeff Dodd

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Awesome Nick. I am in line to get one of these when my very good family friend reaches the age where he no longer is interested. They are a sweet design and very fun to fish out of. Congratulations!
I am working on getting the plans. The guy that originally designed it told me that he started by taking the cardboard backing off of a notepad and cutting out the pieces so that he could build the pram using straight cuts for the bow, transom and sides. Once he had everything cut out, he transferred the scale to an 8ft sheet of plywood.
Anyway, he was going to see if he still has the plans but he is out of town for a couple of weeks. He also mentioned that if he does locate the plans, it might take a donation to Port Ludlow Fly Fishers to get him to pass them on. Stay tuned...
wow, looking at it, it looks like it has no flair and man how deep is it? I have heard about these but this is the first time I have seen one. so very cool. who's got the plans for this? I want one.
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