Baja Panga Choices

Will be heading down to Baja at the end of October and staying in Los Barrillas for a couple of nights. Was wondering if there are any cheaper options for going out in a Panga? Seems as though all the websites I have visited want way to much for fishing. Or would renting a 4 wheeler be better for a couple hours searching for Roosterfish in the surf ? Wife will be relaxing and wanting to chase some of these great fish until about noon.
I just got back from Cabo and fished with myself and a guide for $275.00 for 5 hours. I booked it through The guides name was Juan and he was awesome! Everywhere I called wanted like $450-$750 for 6 hours. Juan works on the "LaMosca" fleet (Panga). We hammered em' out there. 1-866-348-6286. Good luck!


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Our group of four just got back two days ago from 3 excellent days of fly fishing in Los Barilles. We have done a number of do it yourself trips to LB booking with the local pangas and pangueros direct. We have often found this to be frustrating and unreliable, but part of the Baja "experience." The goping rate seems to be about $250-275/day for a full day.

This trip we booked two excellent boats through Patti (an American) at Hotel Los Pescadores. We were very, very satisfied with her boats- a 23' and a 26' super panga. Both were in excellent condition and run by very competent pangueros. They were moderately knowledgeable about flyfishing and very cooperative. We were picked up on the beach in front of our rented home at 0630 and returned at 1430-1500 daily. The boats were very clean and well maintained and operated perfectly. The cost was $250 per boat, including a very nice lunch and water. The boats have biminis, quality gear, good bait wells and they bring a fish bag with ice to keep your catch cool (after bleeding). The hotel and bar, while not waterfront, are also real nice.

We highly recommend Patti and plan to go through her from now on. If you book with her, tell her you got a referral from Larry and Joe.


P.S. We caught Tuna, dorado and roosters (all on the fly) during our trip.


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Start a conversation with Pez Gallo on this forum. He has a handle on Baja.
Not sure if Lance runs a Panga, thought he was more on the beach, but I could be wrong. Not sure if Ramon will run up the East Cape as he is moored and based in Cabo, but Lance (Pez Gallo) would be a good reference. Im sure he knows someone he could refer. Good luck and hopefully you get into some nice ones!

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Sounds like you are just looking for some fun fishing without breaking the bank and it seems like you have gotten some good suggestions.
I would add this, If you are able to spend a day with Lance Peterson do not pass it up. I have fished with Lance and would say he is one of the most skilled anglers and most dedicated guides I have met in my life.
I don't know if Lance does any panga fishing but I'm quite sure he knows the right people and he definitely has a handle on the beach fishing.