carp whoopin

Well, as much as I love it, I've decided to take a hiatus from the carp fishing. At least until I get a rod I'm going to designate as a carp rod only. Probably an eight weight. I've went through two six weights in two outings. I know they're warrantied, but it's still painful. Yesterday after work I tied up a new carp fly that's been floating around in my head an ran down below my house on lake roosevelt to give it a try. The carp loved it. The first two carp that saw it spun 180's to check it out, but turned up their noses. But anything that gets their attention like that you know is good. The next carp that came along was huge, and I could see he was actively feeding. I cast the fly, leading him by a couple feet. One quick strip and I let it slowly sink in front of it's nose. He went crosseyed on it and suddenly sucked it in. It still startles me when a carp hoovers up the fly from over a foot away. The first run nearly spooled me, and that was just the beginning. Fortyfive minutes into the fight one of the swimmers down the beach came over to watch. He turned out to be a pro bass fisherman and a featherstix rep who also flyfishes quite a bit. When he saw what I was battling he walked back to his car for a camera. It took me exactly an hour to beach the huge mirror carp. As we were getting ready to take some pics it flopped loose of my grasp, snapped the tip of the pole,the fly came loose and we both watched open mouthed as it jetted away. No pics. I estimated it at around thirty pounds, the other guy thought it was bigger.
I broke another six weight Sunday at the exact same beach, but not on a fish. Trying to double haul more line than I guess that rod could handle. So until I get a setup just for carpin, I'm taking a break.


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I've had carp on the brain lately. I used to chase them some back home, but I've never targetted them here. I'm over on the Kitsap Peninsula (west of Seattle) and so far haven't found good carp water near by. I guess I'll plan to take my 8wt when I find some!

Sounds like it was quite the fish! I have never experienced such a long fight.
Sounds like a great battle. Congrats on landing that carp! I am yet to land my first carp on a fly. I have had 4 carp on but i'm still yet to land one.
Catching a carp on a fly is one tough task. I tried for a little while yesterday and the carp were not interested. I was using a size 12 white bugger. It seems to be the only fly that slightly grabs their attention. Hope to land at least one this season.


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Yellow, Glow Bug Softhackle tied on a salt water hook #6

I have caught hundreds of Carp on this fly. Rod, an Orvis TLS 8 wt with Sage 230 Grain Floating line. Leader, a hand made 6' brown Uni thread with 3mm ring and 10 lb P-Line Fluorocarbon.