MA-9 Report: First Blood


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I fished a popular MA-9 Beach Saturday morning for a couple of hours and was surprised to see it nearly empty of fishermen. Saw lots of juvenile sand lance near the beach with birds and small shaker silvers feeding on them. The thick fog kept the sun off the water, but no larger resident silvers or chinook seemed to be around in spite of the nice currents. I was about to leave after catching several shakers when my clouser was whacked by a nice silver. After setting the hook it pulled me down the deserted beach a ways before I could tire it out, a very well fed 4 pound silver hen stuffed with baby sand lance. My first silver for 2012 and very tasty on the BBQ.
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I fished the same beach Sunday morning, arriving later than I wanted. Board members GoFish, DryFlyLarry, and Mtskibum16 were already there and had each hooked up on silvers earlier. New weather brought SW wind and drizzle but still plenty of baitfish and birds feeding on them. I had a couple of good strikes but no hook-ups. DryFlyLarry hooked up next to me and landed a frisky resident silver. Fishing died after that, but it was nice to see more salmon cruising the beach and to fish in good company.
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It was nice to meet you this weekend DB and that was a nice fish you landed! Smaller fish for me with the largest right at 2 lbs. I'm about ready to fire up the grill myself ;) My first "keeper" (although barely) ever from the salt. I also had a few good tugs/short battles between Saturday and Sunday but they didn't stick. Looking forward to a fun season!


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OK, as an out of State forum member I have to ask.What is a MA-9 beach. I have seen this used earlier and figure it must be some kind of WDFW term. Can someone enlighten me please.


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Marine Area 9. The WDFW regulations pamphlet has a section with maps defining the various Marine Areas beginning on page 99 (also available online). Marine Area 9 includes Admiralty Inlet from a north/south line from Partridge Point on Whidbey Island to Point Wilson (north of Port Townsend), south to an east/west line from Apple Cove Point on Kitsap Peninsula to Edwards Point (south of Edmonds).

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Nice to see everyone on the beach and good to meet
Mtskibum. I had my one chance at a large coho but it came
undone after a very short battle. Fly color didn't seem to matter
as everything was getting hit. I would descibe the water as
very fishy looking until the tide change.



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Good to hear you guys got into some fish.
I fished a different MA 9 beach on Saturday. Lots of bait around and good water movement, but no love for me. My day ended early due to not wanting to get fried by the lighting storms that passed through.

Hit a MA 10 beach yesterday. No bait around but good water movement. Had one king roll in front of me and a small silver flip me the bird as it happily jumped while passing by. Called it a day after getting thrashed by a stiff SW wind for three hours.
Nice to see everyone on the beach and good to meet
It was nice to meet you too. I never got a chance to meet dryflylarry, but I had a suspicion it was him from pictures he's posted.

SF, that was a pretty stiff wind yesterday! I was definitely struggling with my casting some. I also noticed that I'll have a period of about 30 minutes or so that I cast great (for me) with good distance, no tailing loops, etc. Then all of a sudden I can barely cast, throwing terrible tailing loops, tying knots, etc. Not sure what's up with that, but my casting still leaves pletny to be desired! At least with the shooting head line I can get decent distance pretty consistently with no knots, but it sure isn't pretty! haha


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I was out there this morning for 1 1/2 hours at first light. The water was moving nicely but I only got whacked by a couple of shakers. I did see some bait (not tons), one 3 1/2 lb rezzie jump, and another rezzie beached by a gear fisherman but that was it...all in all pretty quiet.


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Hey, it was nice seeing you up there yesterday Tim. Hope we can meet up again sometime. It was great going out with GoFish and his friend John. We had a good time. I know it was probably crazy there, but I was using a floating line but it seemed to work for me. I'm a lousy fly tier, but this is a photo of my modified "Popsicle Stick" I showed you yesterday. When I tied this one I forgot to add in a couple of peacock herls. It was great feeling a couple of coho on my rod yesterday, it's been awhile.



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Thanks for the photo of the Popsicle Larry, I'll have to tie up a couple. Good job on the coho, there will be many more to come this summer/fall.