Neah Bay and La Push Trip Report 7-19-2012

Yeah the video was kind of a disaster trying to stay on the fish and get the net, while not stepping on a fly rod. Mix in the waves and shooting it on a cheap digital camera and you get the finished product.:)
SeaRun Fanatic,

You are indeed entitled to your opinion regarding ethics, however your tallying skills are flawed. There are exactly 30 dead rockfish (not over), which as you mentioned is legal, as there were 3 anglers and the limit is 10 per day. The remaining 3 fish are 2 lingcod and 1 cabezon.

As far as ethics, some people have limited opportunities to fish the coastal waters and yes, would like to bring some delicious white fish home when the opportunity is available.

Would you find it more ethical if a person were able to fish those waters say 10 times in a given season, and kept 1 fish each time?

The net result is the same.