Lost, or (more likely) stolen Green Cabela's chest pack on the Hamma Hamma River (7/29/12)

So my buddy, who is up visiting from Texas, and I went out to camp on the Hamma Hamma River on 7/29. We were hiking the next day (today 7/30) but decided we would do a little fishing on the river and then head down to the salt to fish for some sea runs or resident coho if we saw any.

So we fish the river below the campground (right off one of the pullouts). Nothing was happening and no hatches coming off so we head to the salt. As soon as we get to the estuary, I realize I left my pack with my camera attached, on the river bank. We had rigged two sets of rods (4 wts for the river and 6 wts for the salt) before leaving our campsites so I said "forget it, we'll fish with the flies we have tied on and when we both break off or if we don't catch anything for the next hour, we'll run back up and grab the bag then head to another spot."

So we fish for an hour, with my buddy having one tiny bullhead to show for it. We decide to run back up and grab the bag then move to the next spot.

We get back up there, and I walk out on to the gravel bar and start to get concerned when I don't see the pack right where we left it. Then, scanning the ground, I see my camera (which I keep in a Pelican dry case attached to the bag) on the river bank. The camera is fully broken (it was already kind of messed up but still usable) and the memory card is removed. The bag is nowhere to be found.

I would have thought maybe someone found the and would report it or post here but the fact that my camera was left (likely viewed as worthless because it appeared to be messed up) and the memory card removed leads me to believe the bag was stolen by some tweakers or some punk ass kids.

Anyway, a couple hundred dollars worth of flies, fly boxes, leaders, tippet spools, and various other tools as well as the bag and camera case are "lost" or "stolen." My fishing license was in there as well which leaves me a little worried because now these people have my address.

Doubtful I'll ever see any of it again, but if anyone hears anything or happens across it out there near the Hamma Hamma, let me know.