Runnining line? Amnesia?

It depends on where you fish.

The number of steelhead I have hooked with a 100' cast (talking about 100'+ perpendicular to my wading position, not at any point in the swing where a much shorter cast would also likely score) anywhere in oregon and washington? Maybe two hands worth of fingers for counting purposes. All of these have been winter steelhead on BIG WATER. Otherwise the water just doesn't usually call for it.

The number of steelhead I have hooked on big summer water at well past 100'? 30-40% of all fish I get are beyond this distance.

It depends...
inland, You are just 100% Bad Ass!!!
fist of all, if i was worried about losing, braking gear i would just stay home and knit. Sure it pisses me off when I have to replce something, but isn't that cost of doing biddness.
the pros of fishing mono out weigh the cons. Castablity, line control, less water pick up while stripping (dry hands all day in january frigging priceless). So maybe, just maybe I lose a head. Somebody has to keep the fly shop going.


Hmmm, I guess I am just extremely lucky. I've been using the same $5 spool of amnesia for winter and summer (cut the spool in half and use it on two reels), for well over a year and not had one break. I also have friends use it quite a bit and have not heard of any breakage issues as well. Jane says... I'm living on the wild side :)
Jane says....your just cheap...:)
Hell I even switch the powerflex line more then that...

but cheap ain't bad if you don't mind it...the more expensive ones seemed to fail first..varivas has been brutal for some unknown reason for my buddy...I had the guideline hollow and thought it was great but snapped that with one step and had it go spaghetti on me on another, which is really weird to see a line basically split in sections on you...Didn't mind slickshooter of all of um..but that's a love hate with people too..

William, Your a lucky man to get those fish out past the 100' mark...I have only hooked a couple that far out and have heard they can be either hot fish or duds..( i.e. sulking T. fish) I was lucky and mine were hot...and those always stand out in your mind as the attack and blistering runs were favorite spot to hook a fish...but not as often as you...:)
Amnesia is totally fine, I used that and slickshooter when I was starting out. It will coil on you a little which might drive you crazy. personal preference will vary but i'm into the Guideline compline right now for everything other than winter, its fast and doesn't coil too badly. in winter i like the feeling of something thicker like Airflo ridgeline. which some people will say doesn't shoot quite as well, and they would be right, but for almost all situations it's really great and it floats and doesn't coil which, if your new to casting is kind of nice. bottom line and an end to my rambling i would try what you have and if you start getting frustrated try the ridge.


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i like amnesia. red 30 in particular as its easiest to see and contrasts most shooting heads.

like Mac mentioned above, i also use it for the majority of my summer setups, and for a long time used it year round, but what caused me to change in the winter were two factors- 1. in colder weather, mono seems to have a harder time staying straight after being stretched 2. even with fingerless wool gloves, it can be hard to hold on to, not to mention the heavier skagit heads im throwing most of the winter elicit the large energetic dog/thin leash feel (great analogy Mac), so in colder weather, i switch to SA's coated .030 monocore or .031 shooting lines.

i still feel that for 5 bucks or so, i have yet to find a (truly) better solution for small flies and dry lines in the summer. ive even taken old deltas, powerspeys, windcutters, etc. and chopped them into shooting heads, which, after very close inspection on video, come to my own conclusion that mono runners can play a part in changing the loop shape of said lines (that was part of the hypothesis that sparked the experimentation in the first place).

*knock on wood*, i also have yet to have any issues with (solid core) mono runners, as the varivas/airs, sa hollow mono lines i have used are all now sitting on spools for various reasons, but primarily the durability of a hollow core mono is inferior to the solid core. one kink and its toast. or just annoying by way of a thousand paper cuts. not to mention the price is 600% more than amnesia. as mentioned above, i can see the advantage of it for speyorama when shooting line from standing water is advantageous...however, im seldom ever in those conditions.
Amnesia? SA shooting lines? Who the hell uses those brands anymore? All you shooting line nuts should pay close attention to every sentence of what Brian posted above ...
Love Amnesia or mono in general, solid or hollow...yes it slips sometimes, but not often enough to care. Sure it sinks but it pulls from the water fairly easy. Stretch it soak it? Never felt the need to, it always seems to work itself out after a few casts. Does it stretch? Sure does but like anything you learn to deal with it. Whatever type you cast you should be careful not to walk on it. Wether its PVC or mono a carbide cleat is going to damage it, but it is more economical to walk on mono. Also, repair is as simple as it gets. Damage usually occurs in the first 10' or so, just cut off and reloop. For that reason alone I always set up my reels initially with about 125' of mono.

Only one running line I would never buy again...coated mono! The worst of both and expensive.

Of course the above comment/opinion applies to my type of fishing/casting...swinging or stripping for salmon & steelhead with the two handed rod.

I've used a lot of different stuff for running lines. My all time favorite is Monic. It is a coated GPS, available in .024, .030, & .038 Ø, all sizes being 72 lb test. It shoots well, doesn't often tangle, and if it does, just fish out the cast anyway. At 72 lb test, I am not worried about it breaking in the middle of a fight with a good fish! Plus. it is zero stretch, so you feel everything from the lightest take to the fly sliding over structure, everything! It is a little pricey, but I've gotten two years and counting of hard use from mine. No nicks, rough spots, nothing, good as new. The only negative I've heard about it is that it tends to get a little "gummy" in warm water. Since the rivers I fish never get above 60° I have yet to experience any degradation in performance or handling characteristics.

I should add, my type of fishing is swinging, shooting heads.


Yeah, that's an interesting point K2...I've also found that with quite a few of the lines I've chopped into heads, mono has been the difference between a tight loop and an open one...mostly on lighter lines though and I have often wondered if that meant I chopped it in the wrong spot?
Would say especially with delta's and when nextcast didn't make just the head like they do now...I screwed up a few of their lines chopping off that god aweful running line they used...

One thing I noticed when I went back to the powercoil or such type running line was I liked the control it gave me over the head much better...I can lift it and keep the line in the right configuration much better then with mono...and since I pretty much only grease line that became a big factor..

interesting stuff


You're only so smart as what you choose to share.
golf- i hear ya on line control for what youre doing. for how i usually fish, i dont tend to manipulate the head after the initial mend (if needed), but i can see why you prefer the coated runners.

so not to change the subject, but on the topic of replacing an integrated runner with mono, my standard rear taper that i leave on (after finding the fattest part of the line and measuring back) is about 18 inches. it really is a personal preference but its just what ive gotten used to and like the results of what ive found. i realize that i lose some of the grains in the rear taper and that i'll have to tolerate the clicking of the connection through the guides when in a tight spot on the water, but to me, its worth the trade off for the mono runner (on certain lines).


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On mark B's flyfishusa on Sunday (of all things to order up a shoot line) and in his product description he commented that Amnesia (sp?) is no longer available. Anyone actually seen the product either 'on-line' or in a 'sticks and bricks' shop?