New toy

Very bad behavior on my part.The pic was not to be showing up.The rest of the story is about an MP5, .22 knock off that has stolen my heart.GSG 522.Holy hell what a gun.One hundred shades of fun at a bargain basement price.She said/She said of guns.


dead in the water

Those ARE a lot of fun. At the range a few months back, the guy in the next bay had one and let me run 100 rds through it. Good times.

I myself have been lusting after the smith & Wesson .22 AR-15 platform gun. I've been saying for a while now that it would be my next gun purchase. That claim has gotten side tracked a couple of times. But I'm still really interested in getting one. People have little bad to say about them aside from some early-run issues that seem to have been straightened out.

I was issued a M16 A1 in 1970. It was one of the sweetest shooting weapons I even used.
I burnt out a barrel one afternoon, man ya got to love full auto, with tracers.
My next weapon purchase will be in the AR-15 platform in 308
I put 450 rounds through it Sunday with only on hiccup.Accurate and super fun.I normally shoot twice a month but I bought 700 rounds of.22 yesterday and will be back at the range this weekend.
Rick, I almost "pulled the trigger" on the M&P 15-22 a while back for shooting the speed rifle events up at the Coupeville Club. Went with the 10-22 and a bunch of aftermarket gizmos instead. They are a sweet shooting gun. A couple of the guys at that range compete with them and let me play, tons of fun.

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
Looks pretty much like the ones we carried in the Teams; does it have select fire?? I really liked that three-round burst, and ours were accurate out to about 50 meters. A little unwieldy with a can on the front that stuck out about a foot or so, but nicely quiet, too!!