Claret Raider 6/0 (Freestyle)

Didnt post this in the classics thread, since its not a classic, just classic style

So, i've had these big hooks for a while, and today i just had some fun with them.

Got a nice claret dyed golden pheasant skin and head this past week, and wanted to give them some action.
Tail, topping, wing and sides are all from the dyed skin.

Materials as follows.

Tip Med gold tinsel
Tag Light olive floss
Tail Claret dyed topping, veiled with yellow weaver
Butt Black ostrich
Rib Large Oval silver
Hackle 2 Coq de Leon hackles
Body Yellow, ginger, light olive and dark olive seals fur (the real stuff)
Throat Claret dyed yellow back feather from golden pheasant skin
Wing Claret dyed tippets, Golden pheasant, amherst pheasant and kori bustard
Sides Claret dyed golden pheasant neck feathers
Claret dyed topping

Its a bit top heavy, and i'd like the wing to be a better shape

other than that, i was lashing stuff to the hook as it came to me. The only idea in went into it with was the claret topping and tippets

Thoughts and or comments most welcome