NFR WDFW gets it right- Wolves part trois

Upton O

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I would hunt those things for free if they'd let me keep the hides. I imagine there are a bunch of us that would volunteer. No, let's bend our knees to the bunny hugging bark eaters and spend a million dollars using helicopters. I guess that's the best Caliwashington can come up with.


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Those ranchers south of the line must feed their cattle better hormones. I have watched that pack on numerous occasions around Christina Lake, ranchers have not complained about calf kills here. I know a few of them with cattle running in the Santa Rosa which is just north of where that rancher was showing off his calfs on the news. Maybe our cows are just meaner.
They have been using professional hunters for over two weeks and have no success. These are smart creatures. None of the open seasons on wolves have had the kill success that was expected. We just need to have there be an open regulated season on wolves.
Wolves need a predator (man) just like the rest of the system.
Wolves are opportunistic feeders, put your stock on thousands of acres of government land and it is just a buffet line for wolves.
I think I may get in the cattle business, put some animals on BLM land in wolf country pay a pittance for the grazing rights and let the wolves kill them then collect twice what the criiter was worth.
No effort good profit.


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Maybe cattlemen south of the line can fed their cattle more drugs and the wolves have become addicted. That is why they like southern calves more than the northern ones.;)