Echo Decho 7130 in action and line selection


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I just saw this video on the vimeo and thought it is a right timing to see the Decho in action. last week, a good friend of mine asked me if there are any good economic rods for a 13' range. Decho 7130 immediately comes into my mind. The friend just started spey fishing last year and already has a 11' LL bean 8 weight. I thought a more softer 13' rod might be a good selection for him. I wonder how you guys like to line this rod?



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I like the 7130DH with a 540 skagit.

The DH is now discontinued...rather, updated. The DHII is new for 2013, and according to the Rajeff compound, has "a slightly crisper action, enhanced tip recovery, and a wider grain window". Which is a good thing, 'cause I always thought the DH was a bit floppy. $389.99 retail, still one of the best deals going for a long rod. If the new DH6.5129 lives up to the hype (I'll find out in a few weeks), I will probably pick one up.
i cast the last prototype of the 6.5 a few weeks back, it was a pretty sweet little stick. definitely a little more backbone than say, the 6126. recovery was a little faster also. i dig the bottom handle shape (same as originals) and as far as i know they kept it.
it might have been a 420 skagit that we cast on it. i cant remember at the moment


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Great information! Thanks,
I am patiently waiting for the new Decho2!:)

I hear you sopflyfisher, The 6.5 thing is interesting... I have heard the 6.5 is a Prototype model that should be "round up" in future production, but, because testers are liking it so much, so they decided to give it go (maybe, I am not sure).

As far as "rod power" is concerned, ECHO rod is pretty consistence in their product rating... so by reading 6.5, you can be pretty sure they are designed it for the line weight between 6-7 among THEIR rods. Of course, this line weight system or ERN (efffective rod number) won't make too much sense when compare rods from different company. I like Meiser's idea to put grain weight window on the rod. But again this will also run into problems when dealing with different lines and casting styles.
G_smolt basically said it all but I’ll throw in my 2 cents as well.
I am by no means an expert spey caster or any sort of authority on spey rods, but I really like my DH 7130. This is a very versatile rod and a real value IMHO. I generally throw a 510 gr Skagit on mine, but I’m sure it will throw a 540 just fine. My tips are generally lighter (T-10 or 10-11) so if you are thinking heavier stuff (T-14 +) you might be better served running the 540 to turn over the big junk. It’ll also do a great job with a 510 Rage or a compact Scandi. I do agree that it can feel a little too soft/slow at times which is why I am also excited to see the updated version.
Throw a Ross CLA on that stick and your buddy will have a great outfit at a great price.


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Just got the rod for the friend few days ago, he absolutely love it. I think he will be soon in the ECHO fan club!
Thanks everyone for the great input!

I've just retested an assortment of lines, legitimate and bastard, on my Decho 7130. For floating lines, I like the Airflo Delta 6/7 (which also handles light tips well) and the S.A. Mastery WF7F.

For sink tips, my sort-of standard line is a S.A. WF7 multi-tip Short-Head. An Orvis WF7 Easy Cast multi-tip (450 grain head) is a good fit. A custom skagit with a 495 grain head gives a nice, full load. A 450 grain Skagit Flight head is ok, but a bit light. A 550 grain skagit is heavy but not too excessive. A 7/8 Rio Midspey multi-tip is very good. I'd say that a perfect head would be around 475-485 grains.

Incidently, I did yesterday's tests with a new 11-foot tip containing 7 feet of T-14 and totaling 162 grains. And darned if most of the looped lines didn't handle it well!


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Thanks for the line suggestion Wayne,

I always love the Airflo Delta 6/7 and found it is a really versatile line. I will give it a try. I agree with you that 500 skagit flight Rio on this rod is a great match!