Drift boat trailer rewire job

I just bought a used Hyde 16.8 drift boat and the trailer that came with has lighting that is 'creatively wired'. Everything works, but doesn't look like it should with lots of tape, extra wires, wires where they shouldn't be, etc. So I want to have everything ripped out and rewired with up to date materials. Considering I don't have the time, or the polished skills to do the work myself, I am in need of a professional to do the job, or someone who can do a professional job on the side for some extra cash. Anybody have either a recommendation to a shop that can do it at a reasonable price OR an-out-of-work cousin who can do the job for cash? Anybody done this before? Ballpark what will I pay for a professional job?

My buddy Dave has a mobile marine service business and has rewired tons of trailers for me. His prices are reasonable.
Dave Erskine
Erskine Service and Repair - 206-354-0875 mention that I sent you if you call.