I've been fly fishing the Great Lakes area for about 20 years. Spey is not very big out there. I need to get into this like right now! What you you all recommend for a starter Spey setup? I'd like to keep under $300, I have an assortment of reels so all I need is a reel and line. I'll be fishing the Stilliguamish, Snohomish and the Skagit. Cant wait to get into this. Looks like a blast and I want to take it back to Wisconsin. Thanks for the advice everyone.

Spey lines are a lot larger than an equally rated single hand line (a 7wt spey line is larger than a 7wt single hand line) so you want to consider that when evaluating your current reels. If they're near capacity with the normal line they're probably not going to be large enough for a spey line.

You also may want to check out the classifieds on the Spey Pages forum.


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I second that Echo solo option. That's a nice rod. Get yourself a 7 WT with a Skagit and a Scandi, some tips, some poly leaders and you're ready to stand in the rain catching nothing.