No coho river threads this year?


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There is no shame to throwing hardware for river coho, beats getting skunked over and over. However, there are rare occasions when a fly rod will produce more fish so I always bring both to the river! Blue, green, and orange #4 or #5 Mepps spinners are my favorite hardware followed by 3/8 or 1/2oz Brad's jig heads tied with black, cartreuse, pink, and/or purple rabbit strips.


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Ten80 is right. when we had the dry spell there thousands of fish in the Snohomish system. but not very many would bite. even now with all the rain they are not very grabby. was on the lower sky this week. first hole looked dead, then 1/2 hour later counted 8-12 fish rolling and not one caught between boats or bankers.
just the way it is sometimes. gear guys fishing below the highway bridge on the snoho are pulling plugs or back drifting bait.
Good news, some Chums are in and being caught.