Steelhead "close" to North Seattle


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Hey all-

First off thanks to everyone for all the advice, tips, and reports so far this year. I'd love to get into some steelhead before I move away next summer. I'm still waiting for my copy of Passion for Steelhead to arrive. Unfortunately I rarely have more than a day off at a time, to fish. What rivers/streams should I be focusing my efforts on that are relatively close to North Seattle? I guess by close I mean water I can get onto in a couple hours from home, and be back in time for the wife getting off work at 7pm, and still have enough energy to focus at work the next morning at 630am. Any direction at all would be greatly appreciated.



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All of the "S" rivers are within a couple of hours of North Seattle. For summer runs, the Skykomish and NF Stilly. For winter runs, the Skykomish, Snoqualmie, Stilly, Sauk, Skagit to the north, and the Green, Puyallup, and even the Cowlitz to the south are within your driving time parameters.

Jim B

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Check with the folks at Avid Angler in Lake Forest Park, probably the closest fly shop to you....they know the "S" rivers really well.
Avid Angler is great, but Patrick's fly shop on Eastlake is a lot closer to you. Just south of the Zoo Tavern, not 5 minutes from the U district. I've gotten some great "s" river advice there.


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Hey guys-

Thanks to some awesome members I got into 2 steelhead this weekend, and only 90minutes from my door. Pretty happy about it, even though I didn't get them to hand.