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Got the idea for this from one of the most painful tying videos I've watched

Guy's got skills (although looking at that thumbnail he's not too handy with a hammer), but he could have used help from someone who knows how to edit; 21:32 is way too long.

Anyway, I suck at dubbing so I switched that up and skipped some of the underwing accessories. Haven't used this for caddis yet (next summer), but I've tied it in basic black/dark brown for early stonefly emergence and it's worked well, although it was a cast-iron b.tch to see in flat-light conditions in Feb-Mar.

hook - Dai Riki 305 #16
thread - Uni 8/0 tan
body - CDC tan
underwing - CDC tan
wing - Biots tan
hackle - Barred Cream

Mash barb and start thread at 75% point on shank

tie in cdc feather

twist cdc feather and wrap body (just like CDC & Elk)

continue wrapping cdc feather, sweeping barbs back (just like CDC & Elk)

brush back any trapped fibers and trim on bottom

pull off 2 biots

trim fat ends at an angle

and tie in biots on either side of body

prep hackle feather (again a nod to Charlie Collins; loved his barred cream)

tie in (make sure you have a smooth thread base for the hackle)

wrap hackle forward, tie off and brush with Sally; you can leave the hackle bushy

or trim out the bottom

from the front


and bottom

Tied this for hydropsyche, change colors as you see fit