Carp/Smallie/my arm hurts after only one fish report.

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My family went boating yesterday on the columbia river near Richland. I got sick of being pulled around on a tube and getting thrown off into cold water, so i opted to have them drop me off at a flat where the yakima river dumps into the columbia. I promised myselt I would catch a carp. I start searching the flats, and realize that it is all just one big glare, hm, maybe i should put my polorized glasses on. I reach down into my pack, and low and behold!!.............i remember that my glasses are haging on the nail i stuck in my wall for them. I was pissed to say the least. Carping without polorized glasses is like fishing for trout well, without polorized glasses, it just doesnt work. Well, i though i might as well try, so i starting walking the flat, looking and the glare/water and casting to elongated rocks and sticks that looked a whole lot like fish. Every ten steps or so i would see a plump of mud and yest another wake, i probably spooked 50 carp before i saw one. this one was facing away from my, rooting bugs on the bottom. I froze and steped back a few feet. Now the fish was about 15 feet from me, fully unawhare of my presense. I had let my line trail behind me so it would be ready to cast, and with one flip i made a beatiful cast, landing the fly in the back of my shirt. Now i was more pissed, which is not good. I got hold of the leader and finnaly pulled the fly out of my shirt. The carp was still happily feeding, still unawhare. I tossed out a cast about 3 feet infront of the fish, and let my fly sink. When it was what i thought was eye level with the fish i made a few more pulls. Nothing. I begain to pick my rod up to see if there was tenition from the fish and if not to make another cast. This time the fish was most entirly awhare. Bolting of fish, screaming of reel, and the tick of backing through guides where the sounds that dominated the next 30 secounds of my life. The carp had stopped running, and now held in one spot, not willing to move an inch. I pulled and pulled, then i though, hm maybe its snagged my on the bottom or somthing. I waded over to where my line was pointing, and got back most of what i had lost. The carp was sitting in a weed bed, looking rather annoyed at me. It decided to come up finally and it was about another minute or so before i had in next to me. It was no monster, 6-8lbs maybe more maybe less. I couldnt be happier. My spinoff of whitlocks red fox squirrel nymph was sitting in the left side out its mouth. I popped the hook out, and the carp swam off as if nothing had ever happend. I thought to myself "self you are such a stud, u caught ur first carp on a fly and u didnt need no polorized glasses" My arm did hurt a little after all that pulling, so i rubbed my fly with some mud to get off any scent, and drank some water before i went looking for another fish. I walked the entire lenth of that flat (about a mile) and saw a whole bunch of mud plumes and wakes, but not another fish. I noticed some people fishing from a boat, and they both had fish on. It looked like they were tossing tube jigs, and they both landed smallmouth bass as i watched. I thought this would be a good break from the rigors of carping, so i tied on a jj bugger and double halled out to where they were fishing. I almost hit there boat on one of my casts, (wind was really blowing by now) and it looked if the guy in the boat was gonna come over and beat the shit out of me. I opted to move upstream, and managed to catch a little smallie and miss a few more when the wind died down and i went back to looking for carp. I saw one other fish, but it was facing me, and saw me just as i started to cast, and leasurly swam about 50 feet away. One more cast to it and it was really spooked, and it took off for parts unknown. I didnt see any other carp, so i decided to walk over to the other side of this island to see if i could maybe spot a few more. The other side of the island was alot farther away than i thought. It took me an hour of walking and bushwaking in some spots to get there. Once i was there i realized the water was way to deep, and i had no chance of spotting fish. Damn long walk for no fish. But, i guess someone up there does like me, cause a guy on a jetski was parked down the beach a bit from me, and offerd a ride to the flats where my mom was supposed to pick me up in the boat. I gladly accpeted. I got to the flat and the wind had really picked up, so i put on the jj bugger again and went after bass. Didn't get any strikes this time, but it wasnt a problem, because my mom came by and picked my up within 10 min. Pretty good timing. I should also add that on the boat dock, before we went out that day, i saw a bunch of bluegills and some small bass. I went back for my flyrod, but realised it was in the other car, which wasnt here yet. But, not all was lost. I had my spool of 8lb maxima, and some 4x tippet. I tied this tippet onto the maxima, and put a hares ear bead head and a split shot onto the tippet. Who needs a fly rod anyways. I caught 6 gills and lost 2 bass, i have a pick of a gill but Im to lazy to import it to this comp, and it isnt worth showing anways. It was a good day on the water, i didnt catch alot, but 3 species and one new one that id been chasing for some time now made it memorable. Btw, if anyone wants to fish, drop me an email, im free most days now that schools out for the summer.


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Congrats! Awesome job! Used to fish for them extensively in California. Hoping to find a spot near me up here this fall. If you are going to target them specifically, bonefish style flies, and my favorite, Gierach's dragon are killers. Don't forget the specs next time!
You are a real sport and a good writer too!! Would be great fun to go carpin with you sometime, might have to wait till next year as I am stuck here in Libby and there ain't a carp within 100 miles. Keep up the great reports!!!! and I will be looking you up when I get back "home".

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Carp/Smallie/my arm hurts after only one fish repor...

Your report brings back memories dude! I too am hundreds of miles from a decent carp flat...those tricities area carp almost make the stench from the paper plant , the dust storms, the tack weed and 114 degree days worth it...almost


PS Have you checked out the touchet river near Dayton for trout?

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Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
Carp/Smallie/my arm hurts after only one fish repor...

Piscean, im heading out there next weekend, waitsburg is closer but the water is now geting to warm.


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Carp/Smallie/my arm hurts after only one fish repor...

If you are down near Ocean Shores hit the Canals for carp, they planted Chinese Carp to eat up the grass that has consumed the canal system down there. They are C&R and they are huge, saw a few about 3' long.

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Carp/Smallie/my arm hurts after only one fish repor...


I used to fish the touchet in the summer when air temps were around 98. The water was relatively cool up around Dayton. Lower down it does become a muddy slough in the summer. It was unbelievable how many trout were in that river. One 200 yard section near town had perhaps 500 fish...mostly smaller rainbows (10-11") with some larger browns (12-16"). I put on a clinic for the folks watching from the bridge one day...But that was ten years ago and I heard that it is not stocked the way it used to be.

I would be interested to know how it fishes now...


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Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
Carp/Smallie/my arm hurts after only one fish repor...

Its prettty good, but not like that at all. The fish are mainly smaller in the areas ive fished, and there are fewer of them. I havnt tried up at dayton yet but i suspect it to be this way. But, there are some other rivers around there that have the 10-11" in huge numbers. Could they be steelie smolts?? Anyways, im sure the touchet will come back, but its gonna take a while.

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Carp/Smallie/my arm hurts after only one fish repor...

New River Mike

I moved over to the west from the T/C last year, and in the couple of years I fished there, the Touchet wasn't stocked with rainbows anymore and hadn't been for several years. The trout are steelhead smolts or "residual" steelies, or so I've been told. I do recall from a FF club presentation a couple of years ago that the Umatillas had started a salmon recovery program using the Walla Walla, but don't recall if the Touchet was part of that plan or not. Once you get past early June, you've got to stay near Dayton or higher to find trout, or so was my experience. It seemed to pick up again in late September or so. I've never caught a brown but heard about them from some locals.
Clearwater Fly Shop in Kennewick is a good place to stop in for local information. Those guys always seemed to know what was happening on the Touchet and Tucannon as well as other waters.