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She only gave me a B- for it
Don't feel bad.... I ended up with a C in my art appreciation class in college. The instructor wasn't impressed with a stop sign I painted flesh color around the "STOP", then shot holes through it with an M-1 (a 22 just dented the metal) and used red paint to look like blood dripping from the holes. It was during the Vietnam War and I thought it was a brilliant work of anti-war artwork. She didn't (probably a damned hawk) :)

Skip Enge

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This piece is from the children's hospice in Tacoma
I was not the lead artist
But I built the boat that was turned into bronze
The kids play in it View attachment 21386
Wonderful concept and execution not to mention it's placement...

I worked as an exhibit designer and builder for about 30 I have designed created installed and seen many installations of art...this one is wonderful!

Skip Enge

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Skip, evidently no one, other than you or I get the gag. Unless you're into masterpiece paintings, it probably makes no sense. Chances are, unless you're familiar with the Sword in The Stone aspect of the tale of King Arthur, my avatar draws a blank.

Gene as I have said before it's about "risk"

Remember Gary Larsons "Cow Tools"?'s one of my faves too...but then I'm a little twisted... ;)

Skip Enge

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"The Lesson"

teaching my youngest daughter to flyfish...I gave the painting to her...It is also in the same place as the previous Best Drift post...just about 100' upstream...I hope to go back there to paint next summer
The Lesson.jpg