SBS Sandlance


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Had a few requests for this pattern on another forum so I wrote this up. This is my first attempt at writing one of these, hope it is understandable!
This is not my pattern, it was shown to me by Gary at the Gig Harbor Fly Shop.

The supplies you'll need...
Size 6 Dai-Riki 930, Mustad 34007 or similar
White 6/0 thread
30lb mono
Silver tinsel
White buck tail
White and olive slinky fiber
Olive crystal flash
Hanked light bright, peacock
4 peacock hearls
A couple markers/sticky eyes
Some kind of epoxy/UV glue

First up I make a small mono loop with 30lb mono. This help keep the fly from fouling. I'll make a couple thread wraps behind the loop to keep it riding high.
I then lay down a coat of Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails and wrap the tinsel over that. The glue keeps the tinsel from shredding up when you've had a few fish on it.

Then a few strands of white buck tail. This stiffer fiber on the bottom also helps keep the fly from fouling.

Then tie in some of the white, followed by olive slinky fiber.

Some olive crystal flash.

Some of the Hanked Peacock Lightbright. Remember to keep it sparse!

Over that is the 4 strands of peacock.

Now the fun part. Whip finish and cut your thread free. I use a few markers for making the head. Color some green, a black stripe along the top and a red gill. This is what makes the fly look good in my opinion, the fish could probably care less.

Attach some eyes.

Now for the epoxy. I use Loon UV Knot Sense because I like how it works. Use whatever method you prefer. I start by just coating the head and eyes. When thats dry I'll coat back about 2/3 of the shank and while holding it in place I'll hit it with the UV light. This Gives me the nice profile I want and also helps keep things from fouling up.

Finished fly



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Great job on the write up Josh. The first time I fished SRC with Josh he was nice enough to loan me one of these, and we could hardly keep the fish off the hook with multiple fish measuring in the mid-upper teens! Nice pattern that's easy to tie!


Nice job! The step by step is the way you do it. (harder then it looks, ain't it? :) ) Oh, and I like the fly, too.