FS/T HK MP5-A5 .22LR

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less then 300 rounds down the pipe. No issues what so ever, no jams...flawless.

I bought a .22 for the cost of shooting, but just love 223 and 7.62 too much.
Willing to trade for a cool firearm, any caliber...what you got? I dont need any more fishing gear. Tactital/Tacticool stuff. Not interested in hunting rifles or shotguns.
The cash price will be $475 firm. will throw in 400 or so 22lr mini mag hollow points with the gun.
Trade? AR, AK, MP5 clones in 9mm or 40mm, 223, 7.62, 308...etc

This gun is very fun to shoot and very cool. Retractable stock, fake suppressor to get a legal barrel length. In WA it's illeagal to shorten the barrel, even with the ATF stamp, otherwise it would already be done and not up for trade.
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