Fish Sunday?

So I'm stuck in the Everett area for work until the middle of March. I've been working non stop 12 hour shifts for the past month, and it looks like I'll finally have a day off tomorrow. I'd love to get out and fish if anyone is looking for a partner. I have an 8 wt in my hotel, along with a couple 5 wts and a 6.... I could fish a beach, lake (I don't have a boat up here), or a river. Line wise I'm not totally set up for river fishing... but I can make do. My first preference would be a lake, if anyone with room on their boat wanted to hook up, but I'd really be down for just about anything including a drive over the pass. (I could throw down gas money, just not sure how my rental Chevy Cruz would do over the pass) If anyone wants to hook up shoot me a PM. I'm at work till late, so I'll be up.