Good luck at Green lake

Hello fellow fisherman, Im new to the forum and relatively new to fly fishing. Excited to finally post a thread and to hear your thoughts. This Christmas I recieved a new echo ion 6/7 reel and have been anxious to try her out. I was visiting my mom for breakfast this morning in Seattle and on my way out of town decided to stop by Green lake and give the new reel a try. I started over by the bleachers casting parallel to the shoreline from one of the docks. I made a few cast and was feeling in tune. On my fourth cast I decided to let it sink a little longer, then began stripping at a slow rate. Next thing you know I was slammed and battled a beautiful 20" brown that caught me off guard. I landed and released the fish (after a quick photo) and couldn't be happier with my results. I decided to leave on a good note and get home to watch the hawks. All in all I am very excited about this good luck and to share it with all of you.

P.S. I am new to the whole forum thing, so if anyone has any criticism on my post I would love to hear it. I'm a dry sponge ready for spilled knowledge.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Yes. Welcome to the forums!

I've been to Green Lake three times, if I remember correctly. I fished on the other end of the lake once when I was 8, back in 1958 or early '59. I caught a small stocker from a dock there.

I think it was a Led Zepp concert that I attended there in '69 and sat in those bleachers.

In '82, I had a beginning wind surfing lesson there.

Haven't been back since. If I ever go again, I will be sure to have a fly rod along!:)

wow! you are off to a great start! beautiful fish...


It's all good.
Wow - not only a great fish and reel, but that's a spectacular photograph for one that obviously had to be shot quickly to get that beauty back in the water. The colors and clarity are awesome - I'd frame that. What kind of camera?