Fiberglass for Dummies


Skunk Happens
Three seasons of floating our beautiful western rivers and I think it's time to get the ship back into shape. The bottom paint is scratched up. There are also a few places where the glass itself might need a bit of filler (this statement is based on the color of my boat being white, and a few places where there are small bites in the tan part under the white part). The inside is white with blue splattering. The floor paint is worn in a few spots. Do you just paint it white, or is the splattering easy enough to replicate?

Is there a "Curtis Creek" for people who don't know shit about what needs to be done? Since the work is on the bottom, what's the easiest way to work on it? Do you just get 3 friends and set it upside down on sawhorses? Seems like it won't be stable enough that way.

Funny, smartass comments about should've bought a raft are expected. :p
You can just flip it over with the help of some friends, and some padding on the ground where you're going to roll it. You can also rig a chain fall and some straps and roll it over with just one helper or with just yourself.I've helped roll over many boats using this method, including a 40' house barge hull.

The paint and filler should be easy. Spend lots of time on prep after you do the filling. If you're not up for doing a spray job you can use the tip and roll method. There are lots of website that describe this in detail.