Rampage or Assault XX

I'm new to the forum, but have read all of the posts I can find on Dave's boats
I'v decided to get an Outlaw series boat, but can't make up my mind on the Rampage or the Assault XX. I guess my problem is I don't know how much difference front entry makes. On his web site they say the Rampage is Dave's favorite boat, but not why. Does the Rampage handle better than the Assault? I'm a pretty big guy, and like to take my 90lb Lab fishing with me,(he thinks he's a fish dog),LOL, so I'm wondering if the Rampage would support our combined weight better.
I do a fair amount of river fishing, nothing bigger than class two, and little of that, for smally's, and trout, would like to try floating some of the Erie tribs for steelhead. I also do a fair amount of still water for carp. Was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or experience that would help me decide. Any imput would be greatly appreciated.