Coldwater--all iced up

We made the treck up to Coldwater Lake today. Wow was it georgeous up there. Great roads all the way. We got to the boat launch to find it all iced up. I backed out the boat on the ice, but nothing happened till it crashed thru. Broke one of my taillight lenses. So we went up to the visitor center and took some pics of the lake from up there. It was frozen almost down to where it narrows down at about 3 miles from the launch. It was sunny and bright up there, but down low at Castle Rock it was cloudy and 33 degrees. So we went to Kress Lake at Kalama just for the fun of it. Only enticed 1 trout in about 2 hours of fishing. But all in all it was a great way to spend the day. We will be trying Coldwater again on Saturday if it thaws out up there.



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Wow! I was debating about heading up there tomorrow, but not now. The weather station at the visitor center had a reading of 60 degrees today. Hopefully that will help you get your boat wet on Saturday.


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Thanks for the heads up! I have been watching the temps and even down low at castle things have been cold. sounds like that ice was pretty thick!

Sturgeon tomorrow above boni - was thinking coldwater but just to damn cold!
What kind of electric motor can power a boat that big?
Hi: It depends on how fast you want to go and the amount of wind. The one on the boat is a 24 volt 80 lb. thrust minnkota motor. But I also keep a 46 lb. thrust minnkota on the floor up front for emergencies that I have tried on it as well. It will push it just fine if there isn't much wind, but in a high wind I would want to have the 80 hanging off the back. I usually only wind drift or use the motor spairingly when I'm fishing and it is usually only on from 20% to 40% power on either motor. Although sometimes I have had some luck coming back west at 60%-70% power and had fish hit. Usually it was in October time frame.
Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the post Denny. At least the pavement looked pretty free of ice, from your second picture. Looking at the last picture, too bad it was so windy at Kress:).
Thanks for the post Denny. At least the pavement looked pretty free of ice, from your second picture. Looking at the last picture, too bad it was so windy at Kress:).

Nice hearing back from ya. We are heading back up to Coldwater tomorrow if it's unfrozen by now. I'll know one way or the other by 7:00 am tomorrow. I uaually call a guy that works up there to get the local conditions rather than driving up there for nothing. If it's still frozen I think we will try Merwin lake for kokes. I'm totally new at that so it will definately be a guessing game if we do that. Wish us luck.
Denny......Do let us know if you find the lake un-frozen. I am missing those Coldwater trout.

Any pics of the frozen boat launch area?

Terry: Hi. I was going to head that way today, but after calling Roger up there he said it was still frozen solid for 3 miles down the lake. So we went to Merwin instead. I am totally new to fishing for kokes so we were a big maybe. We got up there about 11:00 or so and managed to catch 3 kokes. But by 12:30 or so the bite quit for us so we called it a day about 2:30 and came back home. I am bound and determined to learn how to fish that lake ihe correct way. Wish me luck.
PS: As soon as I find Coldwater has opened up again, I'll let toy know.
Denny.....I started koke fishing several yrs ago at some books, bought some gear and headed up at daylight many times. It seems pretty fickle fishing....they are either biting or not...... and then either on your choice or lures or not........somedays skunked, next time limits......but they are great to eat and very frisky. I am going to try dragging a sinking fly line this early spring and see if I can catch some that way.

I do prefer Coldwater for the scenery and solitude.