Long Term Storage of Dungies

Big E

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So we were able to go out a few times last year to get some Dungeness Crab and get more than what we could reasonably eat within a short period of time. If we weren't going to eat them fresh, we would clean them and freeze the halves, uncooked, in freezer bags and eat them shortly thereafter. I then went off to the east coast for some time and since being back we've pulled a couple packs to eat and found them to be unedible.

So to not have this happen again next season, I'm wanting to know what the optimal way is to store crab. Would it be to cook, shell, and vacuum pack? Maybe can it?


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I was wondering why I didn't have a vacuum package machine until this Xmas. Gees, where have I been?! Coolest thing. Not having done crab yet, I would also cook it, vacuum pack it and put in freezer.