The Non-Crude Upstanding Gentleman Caption Contest


Just call me Jon
" Dear me, what is that thing coming out of her nose?"


" Oh shit, there goes the planet."

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o mykiss

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Bloody hell, sir, that bloke just pricked a seatrout with a lowly yarn fly under a plastic bubble while shouting "bring da' noiz, steelface!" God Save the Queen! He just drank Fireball from a plastic bottle in celebration, and now he's flashing his grill at us! How does a bloody American gangster fisherman like that even afford the beat fees?


fishing hack
Invisible budgie loves going fishing

(Note: I was originally going with a 'smell my finger' type caption but couldn't make it work with the distance between nose/finger)
Yes it was right over there on the other side, and I still remember it to this day Holmes.

Such rubbish that Fowl lad was, traipsing up and down the brook with that cane stick in his hand and flapping it in the air like a dodo bird with a wounded wing!