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I'd like advice and opinion if you please on getting a new pair of breathable waders. Although I'd just love to spend >>$500 it's just not really in my allowable fly fishing budget...unless I make secret installment payments!;)

What would you recommend and avoid, especially seam vs. non-seam? I understand layering but warmth is important.

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How many times a winter are you going to use them. I think it would depend how many times you get to get out and fish would determine how much you should spend on waders. I have Dan Bailey's Bare Bones. I couldn't be happier with them.

All waders have seams.

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Not that you have to drive to Ephrata, but I just bought a pair of Dan Bailey's thru Desert Fly Angler for $199. I also joined the new age and replaced my felt boots with a pair of studded boots. The studs were out of stock so I got 40 1/4" machine screws and put 20 on the bottom of each boot. Cheap man's cleats... and if my car door falls off on a trip I have spare screws to reattach it.


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Lots of good waders around. If cost is the issue, Dan Bailey's usually get the most votes for cost effectiveness measured in days of fishing per dollar spent. I'm using Redington Sonic Pro zip front for the past year because I got a good deal on them. I really like them, but the cost per day is higher at full retail. At my age the zip front is really nice though.

I have a pair of Redington sonic pros, they're great, the only issue I have with them is the neoprene bootie. my waders are sz L but the boot size seem to be in the 13-14 size range, they're huge. Not as soft of neoprene as my Simms either :)


I also picked up a pair of the Patagonia Rio Gallegos this past fall and, so far, I love 'em. My previous pair were also Patagonias, which lasted me about four years with only one small leak that was easily fixed. Can't beat that price at the Gig Harbor store either.
I've always used Dan Bailey Lightweight waders and there sweet. In my opinion the gravel guard design is the best, they are plenty durable ( I fish between 1-4 days a week) have a nicely designed chest storage pouch without being unnecessary, and the Dan Bailey warranty is unmatched.

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Another vote for the Redington Sonic Pros with the zippered front. Have almost a year on them now and so far, so good.
They're ez on and off, and ez pee, too - these are things that weren't important to me in my younger years, but are now.