NFR Bumper sticker: a favorite or, better yet, one you would invent


Indi "Ira" Jones
I just thought about this same topic today when I noticed someone with a Patagonia Sticker and a GLoomis decal. Keeping this fishing related for my own resolutions, I think that a common fly fishing sticker would be good so we can recognize and wave at each other while driving. Maybe even extend a merging curtesy. Maybe just a simple phrase of Fly Fisherman or woman.
Its a good thing Sheep don't Vote
Oh wait.....they do!

Stealing these two:

Dip me in Honey and throw me to the Lesbians....

My car doesn't run on Hope

Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
Bumper stickers, it seems, are an art form and a distinct means of self-expression. In my experience, almost everybody has a favorite or two even if they would never actually affix a sticker to their vehicle (I wouldn't, but I have also known people who have nigh on 20 stickers on their car).

Some are fishing related such as this simplistic example: "I fish, therefore I am." Others are kinda clever like: "Visualize Whirled Peas."

I don't particularly know why, but I've had a couple of slogans kicking around that might make good bumper stickers. I think they're original, but maybe not:

"Prey for me; I don't hunt"

"What's a Gluten?"

But, I'm not especially talented. What do you all got?

My most recent favorite is from fellow member WW, in support of Occupy Skagit: "Catch And Release Is Not A Crime". I hope I dont get shot with that thing on my truck...


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on the back of my truck and cargo trailer.....'sitting in the left lane ?...your village does'nt need a new idiot'......what bothers me is the number of people needing an explanation....
So last year I was out in our back yard taking pictures of my spey rod that I just completed when company shows up and headed out back to snoop at what I was doing. One of Krystle's friends looks at it and asked me if you have to use both hands to cast it and being dumbfounded the only thing I could say was................

"It is true my rod takes 2 hands"

That one stuck for a long time and might end up on a bumper sticker some day