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Saw Dennis Collier's tie over on Hans' site; simplified version of a great attractor. Change colors to suit your needs; golden pheasant tippets for the tail look cool. Original pattern calls for wire rib - skipped here (if I was going to rib, I'd use rootbeer, gold or copper Krystal Flash)

hook - Dai Riki 280 #8
thread - UTC 140 tan
Tail - Amherst pheasant tippets
body- dubbing tan (Aussie 'possum here)
underwing - Krystal Flash pearl
wing - calf tail white
legs - rubber medium cornsnake
head - elk

Mash down barb and attach thread at head (gap width)

cut, clean and stack a clump of elk hair; measure for length (hook shank)

trim to length, hold clump on top of hook

2 soft loops right behind hook eye

pull tight and allow hair to spin

trim butts

separate a clump of pheasant tippet fibers

measure for length (1/3 shank) and tie in at point above hook barb

apply dubbing (you'll want it pretty heavy)

dub tapered body up to base of head

tie in some strands of Krystal Flash

fold back and wrap down

cut, clean and stack a clump of calf tail

measure for length (I try to go 1/2 the tail) and tie in 1 hook gap distance back from eye

trim butts and brush with Sally

push hair at head back with finger (try to ensure even distribution around hook)

pull fibers back over body and tie down

tie in leg on near side

and far

whip finish, SHHAN

trim out the bottom hair and go fish