Hollow Body nymphs


Oh, okay, looks similar to a tubing type body. You're right... there could be a crush factor from an aggressive fish.

Tim Cottage

Formerly tbc1415
I've made hollow bodies using a different tool by C&F Design called the C&F Design Extended Body Tool. Not sure if these are still available.

You can use a variety of techniques and materials to create extended bodies. The durability depends on what you use to make them and how you hold them together (adhesive, thread, etc.)
I don't think they are any more or less durable than anything else made of fiber wrapped on a hook. They make a neat looking body and are fun to make but after tying a few dozen when I first got the tool I haven't tied one since.



I've used the extended bodies for damselfly nymph patterns with good success. Originally, they were available from Hareline but they no longer sell them. I'm glad to see Rainy's has picked them up.