6 Piece Spey Rods?


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Anyone have a good recommendation on a spey rod that breaks down into 5 or 6 pieces that would be conducive to backpacking? Looking for one with a faster action that'll be able to handle 10ft of t14 and a colonel sanders fried chicken thigh....

I've been hiking in my standard 4 piece and it's doable - but a noticeable pain in the ass when moving through brush with a two foot pole extension sticking up.


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burkheimer makes several 5pc models. most other rods i have loosen at the ferrules so much in 4pc versions, no way i would want more ferrules. burkies seem to be the exception. t & t might also make a 5 or 6pc.

Ed Call

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Scierra MPA, and you know someone who has one. 6pc rod with an extra tip. Tube length is a mere 27 1/4" which is shorter than a 9' 4pc rod tube.