February fly salon resurrection

Pat Lat

Mad Flyentist
Since the ball was dropped on this one, I figure I'd pick it up again, and since 90% of the entries are on the last day we all should still have a chance to get one tied up.
I figure that there should be a quick vote at the end to decide the winner.

Mouse patterns, already being discussed in another thread so we might as well go with that, plus its kinda different and will make a good theme.
I tied a couple of morrish mice and they turned out ok but I really wanted to create something of my own, so here is my entry for this months "back from the dead" salon.

Deer hair spun on bottom and nutria fur on top, tail is worm brown chenille, the hot spot (mouse balls) is cinnamon uv ice dub, and some moose mane for the wiskas.
This was my first attempt at packing and stacking two types of hair, but my thought was that the nutria keeps the same look as the whitetail, but it will become water logged and sink the butt down a bit instead of skittering along the surface. IMG_5162.JPG IMG_5163.JPG

Pat Lat

Mad Flyentist
Clarification please. What category do we place an artificial mouse in the world of flyfishing?
in the awesome one. But really I dont know what you're asking here, The big dry fly catergory, skaters, Poppers, wet fly? It really depends on how you tie them, I'll be posting a drowned rat later, shit just popped into my head while typing this.,gotta go, can't talk, tying.