Spoakne area lakes ice report.

Had a bad case of cabin fever so a friend and I went to a few lakes in the Spokane area on Saturday.
We went to Medical, Hog, Sprague and Amber. They are all covered with thick ice. Hog had a couple feet of clear area near the launch and looked like it may clear the soonest.
Sprague Lake had some open fishable water near the Sprague (East) end I will have to check the regs I don't know the open season at Sprague.
I know that with good conditions the ice can clear fast but it doesn't look promising for the opener.


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Looked at Medical Thursday during a snow squall, (met 2 plows on my loop) didn't
look a bit promising. In past years Amber seems to clear of ice before Medical
for some reason. Sprague is YA. Bring on the sun!
Any projections or past experience on when Amber and the like will be iced out? I'm looking to make a first trip over there this month when the ice is off.