NFR Good SRC Morning!

Fished the falling high tide this morning at 7AM in MA13. Steady action right off the bat with a simple small black clouser tied with small bead chain eyes, black calve's tail (1 1/2 inch) on a thin wire #6.

Wow! They were all over it! I assume it must resemble chum fry. Caught several 12 -14 inch aggressive fish. Later off the mouth of a creek caught a big shouldered, fat 18 inch SRC. Oddly, it was pretty passive playing it in. The smaller fish were way more feisty. This area gets hit up regularly by fly guys. I wondered if he knew from experience just to not resist and just "get it over with".



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Congrats on the nice morning!

Could be that the smaller fish were sub-adult fish (fish that would not first spawn until next year). The larger was an adult fish that has spawned multiple times and may have just dropped out of the creek. As typically kelts tend to be in poor condition and give less than a stellar account of themselves. Many of the larger fish this time of are often that way.



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Way to find 'em, Oly! Your report is inspiring as I haven't been out on the beach for about a week-and-a-half!!! If I can check off a couple more of the "honey-dos" maybe I can feed the addiction tomorrow or Thursday. Hopefully things will be just as good up here!!