Basin Lake opener

zen leecher aka bill w

born to work, forced to fish
I leave in 45 minutes for an opportunity to fish with 50-60 of my closest new friends most of which I've never met before. Looks like nice weather for a trip to Quincy Lake. Weather is in the 40's already, the sun is out, no rain and so far no wind.

Ira and his brother will be there and my friend Bruce (from Moses Lake) is tagging along. I suspect there will be a chironomid bite starting about 9AM. Also Donato from the west side should be there. I hunted with him when I was skinny.

zen leecher aka bill w

born to work, forced to fish
The ice went off the Basin Lakes within the last two weeks so I didn't do temps but think the water temp is below 40 degrees. My buddy shifted in his seat and slipped to the side of the boat. The anchor rope was tied to that corner and the boat corner went under. It ended up filling with water, flipping and almost going to the bottom along with all his gear. Luckily he grabbed a boat cushion while going in. He had to be corralled by another boat and taken to shore. We were scurrying around the lake netting what gear floated. The upside down boat was towed to the launch.

Watching your fishing partner struggle in the water is not something one wants to watch. Boats don't travel fast enough when that's happening.

I was in a separate boat with someone else as we were all fishing in the same general area.

Jim Ficklin

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I reckon the old-school description of "life preserver" is most appropriate. One NEVER knows . . . glad your friend survived the ordeal.

zen leecher aka bill w

born to work, forced to fish
One more thing on this. One thing I'd like to request is that whenever anyone sees another fisherman in trouble, they stop what they are doing and head over to help. I'd sooner see 6 boats trying to help someone out and 5 not be needed than one boat head to help out and two/three be needed. Even though you think the person doesn't need help by the time you notice they need help it might be too late to get there for assistance.

The guy that got there first in this instance had a pontoon boat (party barge) with a gas motor on it. He started over with hardly a second's hesitation.


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And just when I was getting that chrono thing down. When I looked up fron staring at my indicator, I could hardly believe your friend was going over board. I happened in kind of slow motion. I'm glad he's ok and we got most of his stuff back. I'm realy glad that other fisherman came to help so fast. Three guys in your spring creek pram would have been a little too tight.

Bob Rankin

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We should all be so lucky to have people there when you need them.When a fellow angler is in trouble don't hesitate! Well put Bill.