fly fishing silver derby

"September 19, a saturday how does that sound",

Hey Bro,
I am no Einstein but, by my calculations the 19th is a Sunday. :professor

The 19th works great for me as Saturday the 18th, the Huskies have UCLA at home.

It is a great idea and sounds like lots of fun, just hope I can make it.

Tight Lines & Go Dawgs,
Sounds like a lot of fun, I just brought my dad's 12 foot boat home since he hasn't used it for several years and my mom said get it out of here or she was going to sell it. Count me in, please.
I might be in too, Sept 7th is our 2nd anniversery so I be busy round then but will try to get my wife to ok a day of one of those weeks. Hopefully I'll have my electric kicker motor by then to use on my Clack.

Peter ><>

Mark 12:30-31


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So where abouts is Manchester? I live in tacoma. I couldnt find it on the old gazetteer. If it isnt too far up north, might be able to borrow the old mans boat and drag along my brother, NewGuy, sounds like fun!!

And would a 6 weight rod be sufficient?


manchester is directly across from Ft Ward on Bainbridge island, look at the south west corner of Bainbridge, I believe it is Rich passage that seperates the 2 parks. It's not a far drive from tacoma, 35-45 minutes I would guess.

Yeah I only have a 5 weight, might be a little small.

Depending on the final date, I don't see a problem.

OH and go Dawgs! :beer1


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Any thoughts if a 6 weight rod would be sufficient??? Has a final date been chosen? I need to take work off.

I will second the go Dawgs!!!:beer2
A 6wt would work but I would not go less then that. I have landed them on a 5wt, but casting big flies and fighting fish is much easier with a 7wt. But 6 will work. Because of the size of flies I am throwing at the end of summer I am using a 9wt, which is more then big enought. Pick up a copy of Pacific Salmon on the fly by Johnson, Trotter, and Ferguson I have read this book so many times I almost have it all memorized. It can be found in most libraries.
Tight lines and Good luck. I will be at PNP tommorow at 4:15 am