shout out to FTD


Canyon Lurker
so, on november 19th i placed an order with fly tyers dungeon for 3 small patches of black bear i needed for a swap. well after it didn't come i had to settle on some woodchuck hair, which still worked. so after the first month i tried calling a few times and couldn't get a hold of anyone. the hair was in stock when i ordered it and was still in stock almost a week after. so after a couple months i tried calling a few more times and still could never get through. so i went out to get the mail today and finally had a package that looked way bigger than i expected. and when i opened i didn't find 3 patches of black bear but a whole friggen black bear mask/head!! FTD has some awesome products but after the wait i was hesitant about ordering from them again. after this i will definitely be placing a few more orders.

note: iv'e never made a post like this, if it goes against the forum rules promoting other sites just delete it and ill learn my lesson.