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Kinda looks like a bead head Royal Wulff/Pheasant Tail; designed by Dave Hise. Original pattern calls for golden pheasant tail fibers for the body; the one I have was crap (didn't even know I brought one) so I subbed hen pheasant tail fibers and they seemed to work okay. Don't know if it works any better than a PT, but it's nice to break things up a bit if you've been tying a bunch of the same pattern.

hook - Dai Riki 135 #16
thread - MFC 6/0 hot orange
tail/abdomen - hen pheasant tail
rib - wire x-small copper
hot spot - tying thread
thorax - peacock
wing case/legs - hen pheasant tail
bead - brass 3/32

Part 1

mash barb, slide bead on hook, attach thread and tie in wire rib

wrap back down the hook bend

tie in pheasant tail fibers

wrap pheasant forward over back 1/3 of hook shank; build up front 2/3 with tying thread

wrap wire rib forward, helicopter end and tie off

pull off 6-8 pt fibers and tie in with points over the front of the hook (about 1/3 shank length)

tie in peacock herl and wrap back to 2/3 mark

wrap peacock forward and tie off

divide tips evenly

stroke legs back (wetting your fingers first helps), then pull butts over thorax and tie down

trim butts, 3 turn whip, SHHAN

optional wire "hot spot"