Recent Cabo beach fly fishing

My wife and I recently spent a few weeks getting some sunshine and R & R in Cabo away from the gray, drizzly NW weather. Most mornings at daybreak I was beach fiy fishing 1/4 to 3/4 miles north of the Pueblo Bonito Blaanco/Rose' resorts. The first week I got skunked while the last week I started hooking up some sierra's during the 45 minute "magic" period at sunrise.

There were quite a few fish about 3/4 mile(open area) north of the Rose' towards the "rocks". However, the best area for fly fishing was an open area less than 1/4 mile north of the Rose' since the waves were not as large as those waves to the north. The pattern which worked was a 3 inch clouser minnow(baitfish over pearl angel hair). I was using a Airflo +40 type lll line on a 8 wt. rod. There were supposedly some roosters in the area but I never saw any. A stripping basket was a necessity due to the waves. I used a collapsible HMH basket(see photo) that folded up to a very small size for traveling.




Next time your there head up to the east cape for some fishing Los Barillas. My wife and I headed up there for a night or you could simply go up for the day and fish the beaches. If you do the beach thing get a 4 wheeler and fly up and down the beach looking for Roosters. If you fish only in Cabo head down the main beach twards san jose del cabo. There are rocks at the other end of the beach and I caught fish on every cast down there with Clousers and Mark's Sardinia pattern.
Ever seen Chasing down the man? I love that movie. Awesome footage of guys fishing the baja area. I went to Cabo but it was a wifey trip so I didn't fish. I'll make it back there to chase down some roosters one day soon again.
You'd probably have to throw something a bit larger than a 3" clouser for a rooster, and be moving it as fast as you can with absolutely no pauses. 1 missed strip and they're gone
Was down there in January and did 1 day guided in a boat and 3 times from the beach. Lots of fun, so I will be heading back down there at the end of May and will be fishing out of Los Barriles with a guide and beach fishing in San Jose. Has anyone fished with The Reel Baja or Baja Fly Fishing Co?

This collection made up my one fly box when I was down there, and I needed all of them due to the Sierra!