Salmon Fly

Yesterday while fishing i saw a big giant salmon stone Fly, i could see those be very attractive for fish they probably could get a full meal out of that puppy. Last week i saw hundreds little brown stone flys i was wondering whats your favorite variants to ty of stoneflys here is some jacklins i tied up let me know what you think :)


I'm not familiar with the pattern so I don't know if you tied it correctly or not. I know it will most likely work during the Giant Stonefly hatch.

Normally, I do just fine with a Clark's Stonefly at the beginning of the season.

Here's an interesting pattern my friend Eric Hoberg ties for use in slow moving water or back eddies. When the trout are becoming suspicious of the usual patterns (like a Clark's), this one sometimes will fool the fish when all else fails:



Mark, yeah... too bad it isn't mine :D

Eric was an ACE fly tyer and innovator .... terrible nymph fly fisherman but an ACE fly tyer. Especially size 22 tricos. ... he frequently fished Hat Creek in Northern California.
thats a nice pattern i love the wings. well they slammed the flys i tied i even had a little guy that bearly got it in its mouth and a couple small ones i miss cuz they were to small to get it in their mouth . heres a pic of the nicest cut that i caught on it today